1k to 10k Challenge

Join the challenge for only $1.00 where we take $1,000 and trade our way up to $10,000. Trade along side with us and join today!

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Join The Challenge for only $1

We’re opening up spots in our 1k to 10k challenge. Where we send you our exact trades to profit our way to $10,000. By joining you’ll receive text signals on when to enter and exit a trade. 

Join our membership with your first month being only $1.00! This is on top of the 7 day free trial. 

Tradetips is the solution for anyone new to trading. We text you directly on what to buy and sell. Optimal for those with little to no knowledge or those who just would like to follow our trades and make money with ease. 

First month only $1 plus 7 day free trial

$74.99 $1 membership

Learning how to trade stocks and options can be a daunting task, the mantra of buying low and selling high still applies, but how do you know when the perfect time to buy and sell is? Contrary to popular belief, stocks do not always go up and require strong discipline to trade properly.


Luckily with TradeTips you have a team of trading veterans with a combined experience of over 15 years in the market, plus you have the valuable insight to get our exact entries and exit to maximize your profits.

Step 1: Start free Trial

Try out our 7 day free trial where you will have 100% access to the same signals our paid members have access too. Make sure you follow all instructions to properly register your number!

Step 2: Receive Signals

Our service is primary on text messaging. We have NO discord, as we send all text signals through a text message i.e. text signals.

Step 3: Invest

Practice safe risk management by following our guidelines. Not every signal will profit 100% of the time. By practicing risk management you take the emotions out of trading!

Step 4: Hitting Profits!

Take profits when you are comfortable with your returns. We exit at safe returns but sometimes a 50% profit can turn into a 150% profit easily! Use your discretion to hold!

Our approach

How to get started

We know there is no single best trading strategy that can be effectively applied to all stocks over all time and stock price movement is neither totally predictable nor totally random yet we know that short-term momentum is very common. Built on this understanding, Tradetips is designed to help you optimize your trading performance by signaling probable changes to near term price momentum.

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Ricardo - Member

“They have helped me, extremely…literally made thousands of dollars within the first month”

Jessica - Member

“Before using Tradetips I was a complete beginner… Now I can trade and make some money”

Dave - Member

“Before using Tradetips I was a complete beginner… Now I can trade and make some money”

April - Member

“When I first started I was a complete beginner…”

Preston - Member

I’ve been extremely profitable… looking forward to making more money…”

Jefferson - Member

“When I started I was skeptical…thanks to Tradetips I got a 300% ROI in just under 3 months…” 

David - Member

“I started with $500 in my account, and now I have $3500. It’s simple, I just follow what they tell me to buy and sell…”

Alex H. - Member

“I love Tradetips…I’m finally able to make money on trading stocks”

Micheal - Member

“…I’m busy working in the morning and the instant messages really help out…”

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