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The Tradetips affiliate program is designed for members, content creators , bloggers and may also be used to refer friends. We welcome all affiliates to join the high earning affiliate program where we pay as much as 15% per referral on RECURRING charges. (Get paid for all the months your referral(s) are with us)

1.) Submit Application

Submit the short form application to be entered into the Tradetips affiliate program. Once submitted, you’ll get your acceptance email within 24 hrs

2.) Decide how to refer

Referring has been made simple. You’ll have the opportunity to use a referral link (which can be customized) or you can submit a request for a custom coupon code.

3.) Monitor Referrals

You’ll have access to the affiliate dashaboard which provides an analysis of your traffic, a complete breakdown of your referrals, customize your referral link, instant notifications on successful referrals and more.

4.) Get Paid

With transparent tracking, you’ll see how much you’ll be earning. You will be getting paid per referral and recurring charge via PayPal

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