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Discover our profitable options trading copy signals, a solution embraced by traders worldwide seeking to venture into the financial markets with limited experience.

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Our expert trader shares precise daily trades for members to copy and profit from. The ultimate objective of this product is to guide members towards completing the challenge: The $500 to $5k in options trading challenge.

Upon joining our trading signals, you gain instant access to this exciting challenge. Signals are sent through text (US members) and Discord.

For those interested, we offer a $1/day 3-day trial of our services.
As an added benefit, we include a comprehensive trading resources, enabling you to learn and trade like a seasoned professional. Our powerful trading education empowers members to achieve consistent profits in options trading.

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Earn a highly rewarding 50% recurring monthly commission on all our membership plans. You'll receive commissions for every payment made by your referrals. Our monthly membership plans vary from $85 per month up to $320, complemented by multiple back-end upsells.

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As an affiliate, you'll instantly gain access to our 50% monthly recurring commissions. After your initial sales, you can even qualify for increased commissions.

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Email Swipes:

Below our examples of email campaigns used before. Feel free to copy or use as reference. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Email Swipe 1

Hello |FirstName|,

Are you looking to improve your trading skills and achieve success in the stock market?

At Tradetips, we offer you the chance to follow the trades of experienced traders with over 10 years of expertise. Our options signals are known for their outstanding accuracy and profitability. You can have complete confidence in the signals you receive.

Our carefully crafted signals are tailored to help you conquer the $500 to $5k challenge. Every signal you receive is directly from our professional trader with extensive experience in the financial markets, providing you with valuable insights into the world of Options trading.

To get started, take advantage of our special offer and join us for a $1/day 3-day trial by clicking here: [http://xxxxx.tradetips.hop.clickbank.net/]

You'll receive our signals directly to your phone and Discord daily, making it easy for you to follow and profit from them. Each signal includes the entry price, stop loss, and take profit level, empowering you with all the necessary information for your trades.

Join the satisfied community of traders worldwide who highly recommend Tradetips for its exceptional Options signals service. Take the next step towards your Options trading success by signing up now.

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Best regards,

Email Swipe 2

Hello |FirstName|,

Are you facing challenges in achieving consistent profits through options trading?

We have a solution that can greatly assist you: The $500 to $5k Challenge by Tradetips!

It just started and it’s making great progress for traders with small accounts.

If you're interested, you can now follow the trades of an experienced options trader, improving your trading consistency and profitability. The options trading signals you'll gain access to are meticulously designed to help you conquer this challenge effectively. Each signal provides essential information, including the entry price, target profit, and stop loss, empowering you to execute profitable trades with confidence.

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The results have been exceptional, with countless traders growing their accounts significantly and achieving impressive returns.

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Best regards,

Email Swipe 3

Hello |FirstName|,

Did you know that 95% of Options traders end up facing failure? We believe it's time for you to join the successful 5% and thrive in options trading.

At Tradetips, we are offering you a remarkable opportunity to follow leading options traders with years of invaluable experience. By tracking every trade taken, you will gain invaluable insights into the world of options trading, and truly understand how it's done.

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With us, you'll receive all the essential information needed to revolutionize your trading approach. This includes the entry price, take profit, and stop loss for every trade taken. It has never been easier to access a 5-star rated options signal service.

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Best regards,

About Us

Tradetips, a renowned and reliable options trading signal service led by skilled options traders with years of experience. Our professional options service empowers thousands of members worldwide to profit on a daily basis.

We greatly value our affiliate partners and recognize their dedication. Our services offer significant benefits to our affiliates. While our members enjoy lucrative options signals, our affiliates gain a remarkable 50% monthly recurring commission income. Join our network today and promote a service that people genuinely love and appreciate.

Together, let’s thrive in the world of options trading!

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