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Are you ready for the $1k-10k Discord challenge?

We’re going to take 100 people step by step giving you the exact buy and sell signals every day to take your portfolio from $1000 to $10,000 together.

Due to the extreme popularity of the challenge plus the fact we’re going to give you 1 on 1 attention we’re limiting it to the first 100 people!

The challenge will start in 2023. Where we’ll trade our way from $1,000 to $10,000. Not only that you’ll get access to our entire community full of traders.

Sign up now and be prepared for the commencement of the challenge. 

How the Challenge works

Starting with a $1,000 portfolio, through quick day and swing trades (that we alert on our Discord) we’re going to turn $1,000 into $10,000. We’ll alert on every ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ trade we make, that gets us to our goal. Plus, you get access to our entire server. 

While $10,000 is the goal, here at Tradetips we make trading quick, simple and accessible for new and experienced traders. We help our members gain confidence in their trades by equipping them with the tools they need to expand their portfolio & earn profits.

Full Access to Tradetips Discord Server

Premium Discord: Benefit from a superb trading experience with our premium discord server.

Trade Signals: Maximize profits with exclusive guidance on exact entry and exit points.

Crypto: Gain insight to the world of Defi & explore crypto trade signals and analysis.

Stock Trading: Enjoy access to swing trades, day trades, market analysis and watchlists.

Education Hub: Enhance your knowledge with educational videos, books, and additional resources.

Trade Support: Chat 1:1 with veteran analysts or connect to the Tradetips community of traders.

only 100 spots available

$99.99 $1 membership

We’re excited to announce our Black Friday promotion of only $1 with our Black Friday promotion for your first month of membership. This is on top of the 7 day free trial. Try us completely free, and if you enjoy the service only pay $1.

What our members have to say

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“They have helped me, extremely…literally made thousands of dollars within the first month”

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“Before using Tradetips I was a complete beginner… Now I can trade and make some money”
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“Doing very well with Tradetips, ever since I became a member”
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“When I first started I was a complete beginner…”
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I’ve been extremely profitable… looking forward to making more money…”
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“When I started I was skeptical…thanks to Tradetips I got a 300% ROI in just under 3 months…”

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