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TradeTips Stock Signals

Learning how to trade stocks and options can be a daunting task, the mantra of buying low and selling high still applies, but how do you know when the perfect time to buy and sell is? Contrary to popular belief, stocks do not always go up and require strong discipline to trade properly.

Luckily with TradeTips you have a team of trading veterans with a combined experience of over 15 years in the market, plus you have the valuable insight to get our exact entries and exit to maximize your profits.

Step 1: Start free Trial

Try out our 7 day free trial where you will have 100% access to the same signals our paid members have access too. Make sure you follow all instructions to properly register your number!

Step 2: Receive Signals

Once your number is registered with our system you should expect to receive anywhere from 1-5 messages a day telling you exactly what to buy and when to take profit! 

Step 3: Invest

Practice safe risk management by following our guidelines below. Not every signal will profit 100% of the time. By practicing risk management you take the emotions out of trading!

Step 4: Hitting Profits!

Take profits when you are comfortable with your returns. We exit at safe returns but sometimes a 50% profit can turn into a 150% profit easily! Use your discretion to hold!

Our approach

How to get started

We know there is no single best trading strategy that can be effectively applied to all stocks over all time and stock price movement is neither totally predictable nor totally random yet we know that short-term momentum is very common. Built on this understanding, Tradetips is designed to help you optimize your trading performance by signaling probable changes to near term price momentum.

A Breakdown

How to use the signals

Upon confirmation of your phone number, you will start to receive text messages to OPEN / CLOSE trades.  Here is how our signals are broken down. 
EX – OPEN $BA $175 CALL 9/4 @ 2.87


When OPEN is signaled that is the signal to BUY. CLOSE is typically to take profit or cut at a loss.


This is the stock ticker you should be looking up.


The dollar amount here is the STRIKE price of our option contract! We want our stock to hit the strike as soon as possible.


Between a CALL/PUT we choose to open a CALL option.

Call = Stock Up
Put = Stock Down


Date of expiration for our contracts, make sure you pick the correct date!


Most important is the option contract cost. If the contract is more then 10% of signaled price then skip to the next signal.

General FAQ

Ask Us Anything

A rule of thumb is to enter if it is within 1-5% of the entry price. For instance lets say we enter a signal at 1.60, aka $160, that means the maximum amount you should pay more is 5% or $8 more. There will always be more signals if you miss one. Patience is your friend, and not having a position is sometimes the best position!

Taking profit is an important part of a smart investors mindset. While we typically will signal when to sell if you are comfortable with the profits you have gained feel free to sell your option/stock and lock in your profits. 

Risk management is how you KEEP making money. Stick to your stop losses if you are doing your own trades. Our group uses STRICT rules of 10% of your max account per trade. I personally use 3-5% mostly. For instance, if you have $1000, the maximum amount you should use for a trade on your own is $100. Trust us on this as it will save you from blowing up your account.

There are many free zero commission trading programs available out there. For a beginner we recommend Robinhood/Webull and for advanced traders we recommend Tastyworks (Cash Accounts).

A stock option contract typically represents 100 shares of the underlying stock. 

Options basics!

Explaining Options Trading Basics

Understanding Options Prices

When you buy and then sell the same stock or options contract on the same trading day, you’ve made a day trade.

Understanding the Rule

You’ll be considered a pattern day trader if you execute four or more day trades within five business days.

Video:  7 Ways to Bypass PDT Rule

With a success rate of 80% YTD. Every signal we deliver is backed up by our own money so we have skin in the game to make sure every signal is a success!

It’s simple! While we hate to see you leave the the process to cancel your membership easy and seamless.

Go to “My Account” page, select subscriptions and then you’ll see an option to cancel your subscription. Feel free to message us if you have any problems in canceling.

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