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Accelerate Your Trading Journey: Exclusive 1-on-1 Training

Eager to boost your trading skills? We, at Tradetips, have invested in numerous courses and coaching sessions so you won’t need to. Starting from humble beginnings, our decade-long experience in stock trading has molded us into six and seven-figure traders.

Many conventional programs fall short as they overlook the crucial aspects of trading such as mindset, risk management, and market adaptability. It wasn’t until we acquired mentors who catalyzed our progress that we truly flourished. Reflecting on our journey, we acknowledge that timely mentorship could have spared us from costly errors.

Now, it’s our turn to pave your path to trading excellence. Our mission is to help you become the best trader in the shortest possible time. Let us guide you, right from the outset, and save you from common trading pitfalls.

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Here are the available trade admins in which you can book your 1-on-1 sessions with:

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Our Trade Analyst​

Here are the available trade admins in which you can book your 1-on-1 sessions with:

Kenny S.

A decade-long trader, Kenny employs momentum and supply-demand strategies to guide traders towards early profitability.
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Gavyn H.

With hedge fund training, Gavyn's flexible strategy seeks lucrative opportunities while aiding others in their trading goals..
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Mathew K.

A seasoned trader and active-duty Air Force member, Mat leverages diverse strategies to mentor beginners towards consistent gains.
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What can the 1-on-1 sessions cover?

In short, anything you want. Either you tell us what you need or we’ll identify gaps we can fill.
A personalized itinerary will be provided for each trader willing to do 1-on-1 coaching. Here is an example of a few key topics.

Technical Analysis

Trading Strategy

Options Trading

Trading Strategy

Learn more about our Trade Analyst

A veteran trader with over a decade of experience, Kenny navigates the markets of stocks, options, crypto, and futures with proficiency. His strategies center around momentum trading and supply-demand dynamics, bolstered by smart money concepts. Kenny is passionate about transferring his knowledge, aiming to guide his students towards profitability within their first year.

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With over 5 years of trading experience and hedge fund training, Gavyn has honed his skills in options and margin stock trading. His strategy, inspired by William J O’Neil, prioritizes capitalizing on the best opportunities, particularly breakouts. An approachable mentor, Gavyn is committed to empowering others to achieve their financial goals through trading. Also, he appreciates a good meme!

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As an active-duty Air Force member for over 12 years, Mat embarked on his trading journey in 2014. With a unique blend of trading styles, he has refined his approach to focus on options and futures. His expertise lies in executing day trades, aiming consistently for 20% gains, underscoring the power of compounding over time. A dedicated mentor, Mat enjoys guiding novices through the trading labyrinth, drawing from his own early experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! When we first started trading, we never had a mentor. We spent a lot of time studying the wrong thing, trying out strategies that didn’t work in the current market, and lost a lot of money in the process of finding ourselves as traders. Getting guidance early is the fast-track to being a consistent trader as soon as possible.


Each session is designed to deliver clear, actionable insights. You can expect personalized attention to your trading style, hands-on practice, real-time market analysis, strategy discussion, and continuous feedback. Additionally, each session aims to build upon the last, advancing your skills and deepening your understanding of effective trading techniques.

Each session is recorded and scheduled to be a 1 hour. You will be given a personal cloud drive that will contain everything from our 1-on-1 session recordings to trading resources such as e-books and diagrams to help accelerate your success as a trader.

The number of sessions varies per individual. After our first session, we can gauge your needs better. Some might benefit from a single session, while others may require a series for comprehensive guidance. The focus is on personalized training to meet your specific trading aspirations.

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